Wednesday (4/10), It was the fifth day in China or the second day in Anhui Province, the second province we visited after Beijing. As usual we left Hotel after having breakfast to visit some places : the iFLYTek Corporation, Anhui Museum and Anhui University. This time, I only want to write about our visit to Anhui University and Exchange with the students, one of the precious moments for me. We arrived at Anhui University as the last destination. There was no special welcome party or something when we arrived there. Some students greeted us and led us directly to a place. I wondered what kind of something they want to show us. They explained to us about their University, It was so interesting to introduce their university all out in one place. They had good documentations and represented all information about their university. Good idea for other university in Indonesia to have the same one so it will be not necessary to visit all place in short time of visit.


As we entered the room, a girl student explained a part about the Anhui Univ. in very fluent English. I think this university is similar to provincial university in Indonesia like University of Bangka Belitung (Province). I never heard about this university before. I knew some of Chinese top university such as Beijing University (Chinese say like that but people outside China say Peking University), Tsinghua University, Fudan University, some university in Shanghai, Harbin, and other provinces. Some top chinese university I met on competition last year in Hong Kong. When I saw some building of the campus, I think it is a big university compared to provincial university in Indonesia. They had many dormitories because all of student (no matter what grade they are) must stay there.

May be about half an hour we were given short explanation about university and then we moved to a hall/auditorium not so far from the last place we visited. So, what is the next, exchange with student representatives. As we enter the hall, many student greeted us and ask to sit next to him/her. I met Bill, I did not remember his Chinese name as well as He can not say my name when I introduce to him, Hehe. He said, “your name is hard to say by Chinese people”, and the I replied “so are your names (chinese names)”. No matter how good I remember when they introduce themselves, not so long I just forget their names. It was weird I think, hehe. Anyway, I want to a little introduce about Bill here, He is Fourth year English department student from province in north China, near Beijing. I forgot the name. He told us all of student here ( in the hall) were volunteers from English Department. After a short conversation, I  said “Your English is amazing” but He replied he wondered Indonesian people can speak English well although not majoring English in university.


There was a ceremonial opening by two female students, one of them could introduce herself in Bahasa Indonesia, “Halo, Nama saya …..”. very short but I am sure everyone will appreciate anybody who can speak in their language, and we also did that. After that, there were some performances by Anhui University students, singing, martial arts, calligraphy writing. What a great performances. It was first time I know, there is chinese version of Indonesia local song, “Ayo mama” from maluku sung beautifully by them and 100% (except lyrics) similar to original version. We also have prepared some performances for them too. Can you make a guess ? yess, singing a chinese song. We have practiced on the bus. “Tian Mi Mi by Teresa Teng”. It was first time I sang Mandarin song, but to be honest I still do not memorize the lyrics yet, until now, hehe.  Lately I knew that “Ayo Mama” in Chinese version also sung by Teresa Teng, Taiwanese singer. She also the singer of “Tian Mi Mi” and well-known as Chinese singer who popularize some Indonesian songs. Other groups performed kecak dance and the last all of us including the host dance poco-poco. There were some individual performances after that, either from Anhui Univ. students or from Indonesia participants.


Time went so fast, at 5 pm we must left the hall and went to the bus, but before that we took picture together on the campus yard. I took my Chinese Language book from my bag and ask them (Anhui Univ. Student) to sign and write their name on my book. Hope one day, I can master Mandarin/Chinese language as well as English know. I took some pictures with Bill and tell him “keep in touch bro”. They accompanied us till we left the university, huhuhu. Thanks so much for your warmth smile and kindness. Hope you all will be success on future and so will we. What a great memories to remember.

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