It’s been a while since the last time I watched movie on cinema, I don’t remember exactly, may be 2-3 month ago. Watching movie is something I won’t experience in my hometown as there’s no cinema there. It seems my hometown located in somewhere which so remote from the hustle and bustle of city, right ?. Well, I confess about that, but my remote hometown is something I’ll always miss. Oh, I already felt homesick when finishing this first paragraph though the title of this obviously is not about my hometown moreover homesickness.


At the end of 2013 year, my eagerly awaited movie released Hunger Games : Catching Fire. I am getting so curious to the next sequel of the Hunger Games movie since I finished watching the first one. A story comes from a fictitious nation which held annual event called Hunger Games. Actually, the so-called Hunger Games is not like usual games we know. It was like annual assassination for tributes from each district in country because there will only one alive winner at the end. The youth or tributes were elected randomly every year to represent their district and then put together in fully controlled arena to kill each other till the last standing man.

I watched that movie for free together with friends after couple week released. How did we get free ticket for this movie ? One of Indonesia communication provider (T-Sel) now  provides a Friday movie mania program. Every T-Sel costumer will get points from their activity and then 100 points can be exchanged with 1 ticket. Seems easy isn’t ? It is, if you are the only one T-Sel costumer. Then you can imagine how crowded the cinema when Friday because of this event. From noon till 2 pm people must line up before the counter open.  My friends, Irene, Wulan and Mirah lined up to get free tickets for five of us while I had chitchat with Bob and sometimes both us saw them “struggling” over there in the line. Hurray ! , Finally they got 5 tickets for five of us. Actually it was not the tickets, it was vouchers. It must be exchanged to the cashier to get the real tickets.