It was Monday (6/1), Prof Aris Tri Wahyudi’s research team including me gathered and had lunch together at Galuga, small restaurant near our IPB Darmaga campus. Actually, It was first time We went out to somewhere from lab together with our Professor, hehe. That special occasion for celebrating some of us who had successfully got their degrees as undergraduate student (S.Si) and master (M.Si). Prok prok prok, Congratulation guys. Soon, I will get mine also #yosshh. Prof Aris has three research interest in microbiology field, 1) bioactive from sponge associated bacteria, 2) Plant Promoting Rizobacteria, and 3) Rice plant disease caused by Xanthomonas sp.  My undergraduate research topic is about the first one, sponge associated bacteria bioactive compound.

Although We had lunch at a restaurant near our campus, I haven’t gone there yet. I think the price is not safe enough for student’s pocket (kantong mahasiswa). And… Exactly, I was 100% right about that. Just come and visit if you don’t believe me guys.  However, get easy and don’t panic because our Prof treat us for all drinks and food, haha. It’s FREE . So, we just ordered, enjoyed the meal, and had easy discussion about research, future plan, so on. Oh, what a precious moment and thank you so much Prof for the lunch and for caring us.