“Yah/Buk, nanti aku wisuda hari Rabu tapi belum tahu kapan. Doakan ya (Dad/Mom, My graduation day will be held on Wednesday but still don’t know exactly when it happens. Please, pray for me”).

May be the words above were not 100 percent same with my message to Mom’s phone, but I ever sent her such SMS on particular time ago. I felt a little bit desperate and tired of such this ……………. (censored). LOL. Although this moment infrequently appear in my life but it normal to have such this feeling coz I’m still a human. All I need to do is just keep on doing it, no matter what. There will an ending await, over there.

Time flies so fast. Slow but sure day of mine will come. Whoever had a heavy struggle before, they’ll treasure this day including me, hahaha. It is just my opinion. Although for me it is just ceremonial celebration but not for my family. I wish I can make Daddy and Mom happy and proud. After 4 years and half in Bogor from July 2, 2009 finally My-Wednesday comes. Wednesday is graduation day in IPB for all degree program. Some friends may complete their study less or exactly 4 years as is, but I think most of them need more than that, including me. It is OK. Our research is different, our major is different and also our priority must be different.

The ceremony started at 8.30 AM but almost all ex-student and their family were already at Graha Widya Wisuda (GWW). As scheduled, we entered the building at 7.30 AM. The girls looked so gorgeous while boys looked like usual, no make up or something hahaha. My face on photo looked so “natural”. Well, it is not good but that the reality. HAHA

The Rector gave the graduation speech, may be about 30 minutes long. The main topics of the speech, of course, related to Agriculture since we are the biggest and top agriculture university in Indonesia, Institut Pertanian Bogor. I felt so proud to be part of this institution but we still have to fight to change our perspective about agriculture and mainstreaming it to national agenda and development.

After delivering the speech, one by one called to come to the stages and receive their diploma certificate given by dean of faculty while mentioning our name, family, predicate, and graduation achievement. My dream is to call with “cum laude” predicate, the top predicate for graduate candidate. This session was finally over almost at 11.30 AM.

Finally and finally the ceremony was over. Not so long after we were permitted to go out from the building, the yard beside and in front of the building full of large crowd. “Ohoo, where’s Mom and Daddy ?”. I tried to find them after going out from the building. After photo session with my friends, classmate, TPB-mates, etc. I took my family to walk across “Taman Rektorat”. All praise to Allah (Alhamdulillah). Thanks Allah for letting me live till this day and make my parents proud of me.