Husna ? Don’t get confused with about the title, I am not learning Arabic with a girl named “Husna” haha. Arabic with Husna (AWH) is one of the featured course prepared by Bayyinah TV from the very scratch until the level you can apply the i’rab in quranic text (nahw) along with the word morphology (sarf). But why Arabic ? This should be clear first. Well, learning anything must be begin with such we called a motivation. In my humble opinion, speaking Arabic is not a necessity for muslims, but understanding arabic (classical arabic) indeed a need for us. We may live in some part of the world without even having arabian guys as friends yet or dealing with sort of arabic things but wherever we are, as long as Muslim we must be familiar with the Quran. Well, don’t argue a lot why Allah revealed His final book in Arabic, not in English or even Indonesian. Just start your journey in Arabic and go back to Quran, InsyaAllah you will get the most convincing answer. Sure, It works, you’ll find it out yourself.

Those (in featured image) are the reasons to learn Arabic. Well-summarized by the Islamic Online University. Then, ponder upon this ayah, which Allah said in Quran (54:17):

وَلَقَدْ يَسَّرْنَا الْقُرْآنَ لِلذِّكْرِ فَهَلْ مِن مُّدَّكِرٍ

(And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?)

Where to start ?

Recently I got amazed by the lectures of Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan. I knew him before, yet I did not know for sure the main topic of his lectures is. After watching some videos in youtube and facebook, I found the way He explained what is the hidden gems in Ayah (verse) of Quran was really interesting, until the sense or nuance that beyond our reach just by reading the translation which is commonly available. How ? well the most must-have tool is the knowledge of Arabic. I am the one who have never been exposed to Arabic learning until now (age 25) from kindergarten to bachelor and even until pursuing master degree here in Japan. I learnt arabic until some extent to know how to read with tajweed or tartil. That is all (Alhamdullillah).

Sometimes or many times we may feel while making shalah (praying) standing behind the Imam (leader of the Shalah) and soon as He begins to read long ayah from various Surah (chapter) in the Quran, soon we begin to feel like lost in middle of somewhere and our mind starts drawing away from the body, thinking about something. Might be, the stuffs that are we looked for before making shalah haha. I often, if not always feel like that.

After getting to know that Bayyinah Institute, founded by Ustadh Nouman, provided some free learning materials for beginner in Arabic language. I started to listen and download all the materials which are available here ( Then after sometime, I realized that those material only covers to the middle of understanding the Quran. Many thing are still hanging on after finishing those stuffs. So, I again looked for any resources that accessible and, of course, if it is possible free of charge or at least the price is reasonable enough for my budget. Then my seeking ended up with Bayyinah TV program “Arabic with Husna (AWH)”. This series are not free, yet it is affordable enough compared to “Access Program (AP) 1“, a part-time learning program in Arabic also provided by Bayyinah Institute.

Well, in AWH you’ll walk alone at your own pace in your journey of learning, while in the AP, there are intense contacts either with the teacher or mentors who is ready to help for 14 weeks (3 months). Subscribing Bayyinah TV will only cost you 11 USD per month or 112 USD annually while being a AP student, you need 697 USD. For you who can afford that price, of course it is much better to learn with other students along with the help of tutors and teacher, otherwise there is always an alternative way you can take.

What is available in AWH and Bayyinah TV ?

Arabic with Husna (AwH) (Source : Amazon)

Bayyinah TV provide hundreds of videos under some topics. As for AWH is it put under the course bar, with other course you can also take, such as Qoida Nooraniyah, Quran cover to cover an others.

As far as I concern, since AWH program is the program where Ustadh Nouman himself teach his eldest daughter, Husna khan (under 15 yo may be) :

  1. The level of language is so digistable and easy to understand.
  2. Furthermore, AWH is also well-crafted by Bayyinah TV so in every videos you can find downloadable handout as a summary and also for drills below the particular video.
  3. There also comment space to ask about something unclear for you and the BayyinahTV staff will reply.
  4. And regarding the level of course, AWH can bring you to the high level of understanding Quranic arabic, as I mentioned above, you can apply the i’rab and sarf for the Quranic text you read.
  5. By finishing AWH until unit 15, in my view, it almost equal with taking Access Program 2. Once you feel ready enough you can continue your journey to Access 3 (reading comprehension). Here is the purpose of AWH as written in their FAQ program :

“Arabic with Husna intends to take the student to very advanced Arabic. This means that by the end of the series, you will have the ability to explain Arabic in Arabic InshaAllah! In terms of the understanding of the Arabic language upon completion, the student will have knowledge of both classical Arabic (used for Qur’an studies) and modern Arabic (used for modern conversational Arabic).”


The list of the units, from 1-15 unit
Screenshot 2017-03-09 22.17.57
AWH unit 14 // Irregular Sarf

Oh, I have made this post so loong. Well, it is the time to stop. Good luck guys. Pack your bag and start the journey !